Employee Spotlight: Meet Jen Sproul

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January 8, 2016

Someday, Jen Sproul wants to join Doctors without Borders or MedAir on their mission to save lives around the globe. She aspires to be one of their Directors of Accounting.

For now, she can be found at AVIAN expertly processing accounting actions, such as travel and purchase requests and gaining valuable experience as AVIAN’s accounting analyst and travel coordinator.

She especially loves her job when all the forms are submitted and filled out properly!

“I have a lot of flexibility at AVIAN to grow in my position,” Sproul said. “We do a lot of on the job training, which helps me learn new things. I wouldn’t have that opportunity if we didn’t have such a great laid back family atmosphere.”

Truly philanthropic at heart, Jen, and her family, can be found at your local rescue squad on the weekends responding to emergency medical service calls. She also enjoys yoga, backpacking and the fine art of Krav Maga.

Either Jen has very unique hobbies, or she’s a super hero. You decide.