Employee Spotlight – Getting to know Alexis Jeannotte

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October 2, 2014

Five years ago, AVIAN could only dream of employing a Ph.D. with a love for science.

Now, Dr. Alexis Jeannotte leads a team of three as a systems engineering and technical assistant to her government customer.

Alexis uses her technical background in neuroscience to help develop, fund and manage research programs that will meet critical needs for U.S. government operations. She also acts as a cheerleader for the company in the Metro D.C. area and serves as program manager for the AVIAN team.

“I really enjoy being surrounded by people who care so much about what they do and how they contribute to making our country more secure and scientifically or technologically advanced,” Jeannotte said.

Alexis also enjoys interacting with leading researchers and science “rock stars” at work.

Outside of work, you’ll find Alexis working with children to increase their excitement about science or participating in activities to keep her mind and body fit. Someday she’d like to backpack around South America to experience the continent’s diverse geography and culture.