Tom Post

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July 7, 2015

Tom Post headshot

Once a Marine, always a Marine, Tom Post came to AVIAN after serving 22 years in the United States Marines Corps as an aviator.

Don’t let his tough guy image fool you; he started the Hawaiian shirt Friday tradition at AVIAN, is a puzzle extraordinaire and loves the king of rock and roll. He even sports a rare, oversized blue Elvis painting in his office.

Tom is a graduate of the United States Navy Test Pilot School and puts his skills to work as a courseware developer and instructor for the Department of the Navy’s Strategies for Effective and Efficient Test and Evaluation course. He also developed and instructed a test and evaluation workshop for the North Dakota Unmanned Aerial Systems test site, which was the first Federal Aviation Administration approved test site in the country.

Classroom engagement is Tom’s top priority. He believes that if he is able to make the instructional experience more interactive then students will retain more knowledge.