Southern Maryland Company’s Workplace Celebrated as “Second to None”

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July 31, 2013

AVIAN’s customer service strategy begins with ensuring the happiness of its employees. Through consistent engagement and a strong support system between employees and leadership, their methodology has created a strong network of people who are dedicated to supporting their customers.

This award-winning strategy led to the recent recognition of AVIAN’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Kevin Switick, for his dedication to employee welfare by SmartCEO’s GOVStar Awards. Specifically, Switick was recognized in the “Star Workplace” category, developed for CEOs who maintain a workplace “second to none” amongst competitors in the Washington, D.C. region.

“AVIAN has put a priority on focusing on an individual’s concerns whenever he or she approaches corporate services with an issue,” said Switick. “The bottom line is we take care of each other.”

AVIAN employees are considered “customers” by the company’s corporate services team, a strategy leadership considers to be successful in ensuring that each staff member feels attended too when navigating through the company’s business processes and confronting workplace challenges.

AVIAN has also placed a priority on the overall health and wellness of their employees. New policies and programs have been initiated that focus on the staff’s well-being. The policies and programs fund health education, physical fitness, and nutritional education for the staff.

“People stay at AVIAN because of our familial atmosphere and our attention to the needs of the individual,” said Adam Jones, vice president of corporate services. “We maintain a “yes” attitude when confronting employee issues, large or small.”

Community service, considered to be a major pillar of AVIAN, is a major player in maintaining a positive workplace. Primarily determined by employee requests, AVIAN dedicates time and resources to a number of non-profit organizations, on the local, national and international level.

In December, AVIAN supported the reserve unit of Lieutenant Commander J.D. Fassett, an AVIAN employee serving in Afghanistan. Employees put together gift boxes for the sailors containing a variety of donated items such as toiletries, music, video gift cards and puzzle books –  items often taken for granted by those not deployed. More than 35 gift boxes were shipped to Afghanistan, scheduled for delivery prior to the holidays.

SmartCEO’s GovStar Awards are designed to recognize the greater Washington D.C. area government contracting firms for their technological innovation, workplace environment, corporate growth, veteran support and overall contributions to the industry and marketplace. Clearly, AVIAN falls short in none of these categories.

The GOVstar Awards, now in its third year in Washington D.C., began with a nomination process ending in May 2012. Finalists were chosen by an independent panel of judges and later featured in the October issue of SmartCEO magazine. Award winners were honored on October 18, 2012 at the 2012 GOVstar Awards ceremony, attended by over 500 executives, their friends and their family.

“AVIAN provides more than a job,” said Dr. Judy Lytle, AVIAN employee of four years, “the company provides a built-in extended family. And they take care of their family.”