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July 31, 2013

AVIAN – A Great Place to Work

AVIAN LLC, a southern Maryland firm specializing in executive-level consultation and acquisition support for the Department of Defense, was selected for the third consecutive year as one of The Gazette’s Politics and Business (P&B) Exceptional 53 companies.

Ranked No. 23, AVIAN joined other top Maryland companies that demonstrated exceptional annual revenue and employee growth, noteworthy service innovations and community service efforts. AVIAN’s success in building a “good place to work” for their employees set them apart from other Maryland companies.

In its fifth year, the award campaign followed the classic “Cheers” theme, “Where Everybody Knows Your Name.”

“The theme of this year’s event is aligned perfectly with AVIAN’s methodology,” said Kevin Switick, Vice President of Professional Services. “As a company, we have many goals, but the most important of all is our simplest, we take care of each other.”

AVIAN strives to instill in every employee a sense of importance and a direct relevance to the company mission, demonstrated through a commitment to individual satisfaction. AVIAN invests in the professional growth of their people and in creating a work environment that utilizes the latest technology. This commitment to delivering a strong work-life balance has led to a highly motivated and empowered team, recognized by The Gazette as delivering exceptional customer service.

To combat the difficult economy, AVIAN was also recognized for their successful business practices during the national economic downturn. Rather than decreasing their investment in customer programs, AVIAN implemented a new corporate quality assurance program that provides a “voice of the customer” function, allowing direct communications with the highest levels of company management to ensure customer satisfaction. The new program, amongst other advancement strategies set forth by AVIAN, helped the company realize an unprecedented three year growth of more than 540 percent.

The Gazette also ranked AVIAN based on their commitment to community service, one of the pillars of the company. Each year, AVIAN invests in individual and company non-profits. Employees are encouraged to request monetary donations to support a cause important to them and the company selects at least two organizations to support as a whole. In December, AVIAN organized its own “Operation Finster” project, supporting the reserve unit of Lieutenant Commander J.D. Fassett, an employee currently serving in Afghanistan. AVIAN employees put together more than 35 gift boxes, scheduled to arrive prior to the holidays, containing items designed to make the sailors more comfortable during their deployment.

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