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I know what you’re thinking…just another Defense Contractor…but what if we aren’t.

AVIAN awarded Colorado Department of Transportation contract AVIAN awarded Colorado Department of Transportation contract
AVIAN awarded Colorado Department of Transportation contract

LEXINGTON PARK, Md. – AVIAN LLC was recently awarded a contract to provide unmanned aerial system (UAS) transportation management support to the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT). According to its website, CDOT exists to ensure that Colorado has a safe and efficient highway system by buil ...

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AVIAN awarded Colorado Department of Transportation contract
AVIAN Provides Clean Water to Hurricane Victims AVIAN Provides Clean Water to Hurricane Victims
AVIAN Provides Clean Water to Hurricane Victims

Clean water is arguably the most essential survival item in a disaster situation. That’s why AVIAN teamed with Nivol Brewing of Panama City Beach, Florida in the wake of Hurricane Harvey to send a truck load of canned water and other supplies to Beaumont, Texas to help victims. Less than two weeks l ...

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AVIAN Provides Clean Water to Hurricane Victims
AVIAN awarded ONR Disruptive Technologies contract AVIAN awarded ONR Disruptive Technologies contract
AVIAN awarded ONR Disruptive Technologies contract

LEXINGTON PARK, Md. – AVIAN LLC was awarded a five-year, $10M contract supporting the Office of Naval Research Disruptive Technologies (DT) Division. The Office of Naval Research (ONR) coordinates, executes and promotes the science and technology programs of the United States Navy and Marine Corps. ...

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AVIAN awarded ONR Disruptive Technologies contract
AVIAN awarded ONR Code 33 contract AVIAN awarded ONR Code 33 contract
AVIAN awarded ONR Code 33 contract

LEXINGTON PARK, Md. – AVIAN LLC was awarded a five-year, $6.65M contract supporting the Office of Naval Research Sea Warfare and Weapons (Code 33) Department. The Office of Naval Research (ONR) coordinates, executes and promotes the science and technology programs of the United States Navy and Marin ...

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AVIAN awarded ONR Code 33 contract
AVIAN ranks #3764 on 2017 Inc. 5000 list AVIAN ranks #3764 on 2017 Inc. 5000 list
AVIAN ranks #3764 on 2017 Inc. 5000 list

AVIAN LLC has been ranked on Inc. magazine’s list of America’s fastest-growing, privately-owned companies for the eighth consecutive year. Inc’s prestigious list, highlights a three-year growth rate of 79 percent which is equivalent to the coverage that the Washington D.C. area saw during the 2017 e ...

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AVIAN ranks #3764 on 2017 Inc. 5000 list
AVIAN Joins Counter-UAS Tactics and Training Venture, redUAS AVIAN Joins Counter-UAS Tactics and Training Venture, redUAS
AVIAN Joins Counter-UAS Tactics and Training Venture, redUAS

LEXINGTON PARK, Md. – Around the world, unmanned systems, better known as drones, continue to rise in popularity at incredible rates. Drones the size of cell phones now have the power to capture hi-quality photo and video, but their capabilities don’t stop there. Recently, terrorists have found ways ...

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AVIAN Joins Counter-UAS Tactics and Training Venture, redUAS

We want to do business with people who believe in what we believe.

The Avian Mission

To simplify peoples' lives by offering resourceful and responsive solutions to their most pressing business challenges, when needed, where needed.

Our Vision

To be the first name in providing reachable solutions for today's business challenges that simplify peoples' lives.

Corporate Value

Our philosophy is simple. We care for our employees. Our employees care for our clients. Our clients care to return. Simply put, we take care of each other.

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Founded in 2005 by retired U.S. Navy test pilots, AVIAN planted its roots in test and evaluation support to Navy programs. Now, you'll find a company that provides support to commercial and government clients around the country.

Check out our 6 divisions

for more information about our current areas of expertise.


- Jeff Danielson

Aligned to our corporate Mission and Vision, we expect our talented experts to be resourceful, responsive and reachable while creating meaningful solutions







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Every year it is a great pleasure to select one member company who has exemplified commitment to the community and support for Pax River. To be considered for the award, member companies must demonstrate strength in Business Performance, Employee Culture, and Community Affairs / Volunteer Activities. AVIAN has demonstrated excellence in all these areas and we are proud to name them Member of the Year

Bonnie Green Executive Director of The Patuxent Partnership May 2015 September 23, 2015

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Jeff Sherman
The Founder

The most down-to-earth company owner you’ll ever meet, Jeff Sherman, known as Sherm to most, embraces the concept of ‘casual Friday’ every day. His affinity for never wearing a suit, tie, or for that matter, a belt or anything other than his trusted blue jeans has resulted in a theory that he’s never bought a pair of dress pants in his life.

A graduate of the United States Naval Academy with an appointment from the land of the midnight sun, the State of Alaska, Sherm started his professional career as a Navy H-53 helicopter pilot with the callsign ‘Grumpy’. But don’t let his grumpy persona and gruff demeanor deceive you (he actually got his callsign because he looks like a certain cartoon character); Sherm genuinely cares about his employees. Innovative and resourceful, Sherm expects the best out of his company. Under his watchful guidance and ever-present frown, AVIAN has grown exponentially as a company and expanded beyond its founders’ highest hopes.

He maintains that when he started the company he didn’t plan on doing any work, but the company had other plans. Instead of sitting around reaping the rewards of other people’s toil, Sherm puts his Management & Technology degree to good use during strategic planning and strategy sessions, while occasionally acting as the ‘head facilities guy.’

When asked about his inability to be idle, he claims he keeps himself active as a top-notch car mechanic. The proud owner of a vintage car collection, Sherm always smiles when he talks about his cars, although six of them don’t run and some haven’t been on the road in over 14 years.

Some of Sherm’s favorite things are playing the banjo, saxophone and steel guitar; driving an 18-wheeler; and racing a car – none of which he has ever done.

Did he say Alaska?

Kevin Switick
The Visionary

Kevin Switick is a co-owner and president of AVIAN. The visionary of the team, he is never at rest, always searching for new opportunities or creating lasting relationships. With a childhood dream of being a Disney Imagineer, he has put his creative side to good use by building a corporate environment that focuses on people and entrepreneurship.

A graduate of Villanova University in Pennsylvania, Kevin started his career as a Navy H-60 helicopter pilot logging thousands of hours flying off the decks of Navy destroyers, some allegedly at night. In his career, he put his Mechanical Engineering and Aviation Systems degrees to good use as a test pilot and instructor at the United States Naval Test Pilot School; which well suited his Navy callsign, ‘Professor.’ Despite wearing many hats at AVIAN, Kevin’s passion is educating, building and growing relationships with current and future employees, potential business partners and customers.  With his celebrity status at the local Starbucks, Kevin is constantly offering open invitations for people to join him for a chat over his favorite cup of Joe.

Kevin can often be found on his iPad planning the next dream vacation that he’ll never end up taking, which usually involves something Disney much to his wife’s dismay. If you look hard enough, you can even find Disney influences scattered throughout the AVIAN headquarters. No one should be surprised to walk into his office and find a portrait of Walt Disney on his wall, and a small rock on his desk upon which is inscribed one word … Gratitude.

John Treutler
The Business Man

Listen, Think, Act – That is John Treutler’s philosophy for success as AVIAN’s vice president of professional services.

Fascinated by aviation, politics, and gambling at a young age, John quickly realized his inability to craft promises with escape clauses so he overcame a modest fear of heights and become a naval aviator. After graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics in the 98th percentile of his class at the United States Naval Academy, John took a few years to master the art of reading an entire book – cover to cover, and learned to study by the age of 28.

During his naval career, John piloted 11 unique rotary and fixed wing aircraft and received a Master of Science in Operations Research from the U.S. Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California.

His children often wonder, “How can someone with so much education never find his keys or wallet?”

Although he is a true math savant, John also enjoys exercising the creative side of his brain through woodworking, cooking or stroking the ivory keys to the tune of Sesame Street’s Sunny Days. He also prides himself for being able to replace an iPhone 4S screen in about 40 minutes.


Kelly Perry
The Manager of Lasting Impressions

It takes a special kind of person to excel in the human resources world and AVIAN has found that special person in Kelly Perry. Employees are very special to her; she views them as her customers.

A graduate of St. Francis University in Loretto, Pennsylvania, Kelly originally planned to be a dietician before a summer job in a human resources department sent her flying to her advisor to change majors; along with the realization that she didn’t want to chance ruining something she enjoys way too much – eating food! Kelly puts french fries on her salads, potato chips on her sandwiches and attends fairs and carnivals for the sole purpose of eating a funnel cake … or two.

Kelly’s approachability contributes to her success as AVIAN’s director of human resources and unofficial manager of lasting impressions (she has yet to be detected without a smile). An advocate to every employee, her positive attitude is always focused on their success and well-being.

Her fellow employees, who say she always has a story to share, have been heard saying, “It’s so quiet without Kelly” when she is not around. Even after breaking her jaw playing softball, her skills as a conversationalist weren’t affected.

Her favorite title, bestowed on her by her daughter, is ‘best mommy in the world’. An avid sports fan, Kelly can always be found watching or playing sports, she loves it all – especially football and ice hockey. Go Fins! Go Penguins!

Jeff Danielson
The Voice of Reason

When you walk into the United States Naval Test Pilot School, you’ll see a quotation that simply states, “A superior test pilot is one who uses his superior intellect to avoid situations that will require the use of his superior skills.” To say that Jeff Danielson was one of the Navy’s best engineering test pilots is an understatement. Even after his retirement from the Navy he is still a test pilot of choice, sought out for his superior intellect and leadership, now in the arena of unmanned aviation. However, you won’t hear that from him as humility and reserve are his greatest strengths. Case in point – when asked about his experience being the first to fire a live missile off an unmanned aerial vehicle system, all he would say is “We hit the desert.”

A graduate of the United States Naval Academy, Jeff was a chief test pilot for many high visibility aircraft development programs, and an instructor at the United States Naval Test Pilot School. You may have even seen a famous photograph of him landing a helicopter on the White House lawn.

Jeff is better known by his nickname ‘Woody,’ and no, it has nothing to do with the cowboy doll. It was his Navy callsign, given to him by his peers. Contrary to popular movie belief, you don’t choose to call yourself Maverick or Iceman. So when you meet Jeff, ask him … why Woody?

The strong attention to detail and focus on discipline that make Woody a great test pilot also make him a great vice president of corporate services for AVIAN. His innate ability to dissect complex situations and explain them in the simplest of terms is a vital element to AVIAN’s success.

Beyond being one of AVIAN’s stars, Woody is also a great father. Don’t be surprised if upon your first meeting he is decked out in his Boy Scout Leader’s uniform. Just don’t make fun of his knee socks – that’s a sensitive subject.

Heather Hill
The Planner

Heather Hill made the conscious decision to put herself through the special kind of torture that is pursuing both a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Business Administration in accounting. Everyone knows 10 out of nine accountants can’t count, but thankfully Heather’s thorough and meticulous methods mean she really does put the ‘account’ in accountability.

A graduate of the University of Maryland University College and the University of Phoenix, Heather is an accountant who doesn’t like coffee (sacrilege!). As AVIAN’s vice president of corporate finance and director of accounting, Heather prides herself on being able to tackle any challenge thrown at her, be it interacting with customers, billing, writing proposals or even dabbling in IT work – whatever it is, she can handle it. It’s no wonder she’s the only person who really understands Deltek. Which we guess is a good thing.

A little accounting humor – Q: What is the definition of an accountant? A: Someone who solves a problem you did not know you had in a way you don’t understand.

Heather’s office mate jokes she’s a full-time accountant and a part-time builder, and it seems to be true. Heather likes to make things. Fortunately for her, the world includes internet Do-It-Yourself videos, so after watching she has no trouble putting together things like sub-irrigated planter boxes to grow vegetables.

John Slaughter
The Thinker

John ‘Slots’ Slaughter flew helicopters for most of his 29 years in the U.S. Navy, so you can imagine that work never really felt like work until they got around to making him retire. Don’t let his Southern California upbringing and his desire to drive a convertible sports car fool you. John can be serious, with a tenacious approach to his work and a commitment to following things through to the best possible end.

An alumnus of the University of California, Berkeley (he wants it officially stated that he graduated right before they burned down the ROTC building), and a commanding officer of two Navy helicopter squadrons, John is no stranger to difficult challenges and overcoming obstacles. Drawing on his years of Navy leadership experience, John serves as AVIAN’s vice president of business development and is constantly scanning the landscape for growth opportunities for the company, while also serving as AVIAN’s quality assurance representative. AVIAN prides itself on its people’s excellence and their superb work products, and depends on John as the quality assurance representative to ensure no little issue gets the chance to become a real problem.

This grill-master family man defines dependability; just ask his three adult daughters who still call him first in the face of any problem even if he’s over 700 miles away. John lives football season to football season hoping the Cal Bears might finally make a triumphant return to the Rose Bowl for the first time since the 1950s.


Judy Switick
The Warm Touch

Wife, mother, nurse, director – Judy Switick really can do it all. At AVIAN, her formal title is director of contracts; but in reality, she fills a much larger role in keeping the company running smoothly…she is Kevin’s better half.

A graduate of the University of Delaware (Go Fighting Blue Hens!) with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Judy decided after 15 years as a nurse, it was time for a change and dove headfirst into the business world. Putting her amazing nursing and organizational skills to great effect, Judy brought a special warm touch to all things AVIAN, from employee welfare to customer engagement. She relishes new challenges and to her, nothing is better than seeing other people succeed. Just be careful what suggestions you make to Judy because she might just have you take it on! So you’ve been warned … “Don’t say it around Judy.”

She loves traveling, living by the water and spending time with her family – even though they tease her mercilessly about her inability to work the remote control. Judy claims there needs to be a “Remote Controls for Dummies: The Over-40-Year-Old Edition”.

Small of stature, but big of heart, Judy stands at 5’1” (she likes to pretend she’s 5’2”) and you’d probably never guess she was really good at basketball in middle school … at least until she stopped growing and saw her short-lived basketball career end in 9th grade.

"Our people are our strength."

- Jeff Sherman, founder and an owner of AVIAN.

Ian Wolbert
Corporate Communications


AVIAN Phone Extension: 109

Beth Ward
Professional Services

AVIAN Phone Extension: 143

Mark Goodrich
Business Mananagement

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Tara Strickland
Corporate Communications

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Sarah Aaron
Human Resources

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Jessica Bednarcik

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Pat Clark
Office Management


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Sarah Skelton


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Kristi Broecker
Security Management

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Greg McMinn
Business Development/Proposals

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Karla Treutler

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Lindsey Noffsinger

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Tina Jones

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Michelle Cosgrove

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Kim Simpson
Security Management

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Elise Smith
Human Resources

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Dawn Bartlett

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Charlie Aquilino
IT Management

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Leah Bohrer

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To simplify things even more, you can speak directly to one of our five regional directors. Let’s get to know each other one-on-one and get you what you need, now.

Matt Paul

Matt Paul

Regional Director, Virginia

Gene Daniels

Gene Daniels

Regional Director, Metro DC

Greg Griffitt

Greg Griffitt, CTEP

Regional Director, Mountain West

John Long

John Long

Regional Director, Huntsville

Geoff McConnell

Geoff McConnell

Regional Director, Panama City

More Info

Address: 1813 Thomas Drive Panama City Beach, Florida 32408

Office hours: 7:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Main phone number: 850.775.4904

Regional Director: Geoff McConnell

Services: AVIAN supports test and evaluation, In Service Engineering Activity (ISEA), logistics, maintenance, and business and financial management activities for the Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA); Naval Surface Warfare Center Panama City Division; and the Office of Naval Research at Naval Support Activity Panama City, Florida.

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Service-Disabled, Veteran-Owned
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Driving directions to AVIAN

From Annapolis, MD

Take MD-2 South/Solomons Island Rd. Travel for approximately 30 miles. Continue on to MD-4/Patuxent Beach Rd. Travel over the Solomons Island Bridge, then turn left onto MD-235/Three Notch Rd. Continue for 3.7 miles. AVIAN will be on your right and shares a parking lot with the Fairfield Inn.

From Washington, D.C.

Take MD-5 S/Branch Ave. Turn left to stay on MD-5 S/Mattawoman Beantown Rd. Turn left to stay on MD-5 S/Leonardtown Rd. Continue on to MD-235/Three Notch Rd. AVIAN will be on your right and shares a parking lot with the Fairfield Inn.


There is plenty of free parking to the side of the AVIAN building. Just follow the driveway around. Visitor access is available at the main entrance.